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The Department of Community Development - Abu Dhabi, the regulator of the social sector in Abu Dhabi, stressed the importance of enhancing services provided to senior citizens and residents in Abu Dhabi in order to improve their quality of life and ensure they have a supportive environment.

On the occasion of International Day for Older Persons, observed annually on October 1, the department, in cooperation with partners, highlighted ongoing efforts aimed at enhancing the well-being of senior citizens and residents within our society. This served as a reaffirmation of their pivotal role in the comprehensive development journey of the UAE.

The nation, through its array of policies, programmes, initiatives and projects, actively fosters coordination and collaboration with caregivers dedicated to the elderly. This concerted effort is dedicated to elevating the quality of care provided to seniors and equipping caregivers with the necessary resources to meet their diverse needs. This is done as an effort to enhance the integration, empowerment, and holistic care of senior citizens and residents, both within families and the broader societal context. Moreover, we aim to leverage their wealth of skills, experience, and knowledge for the benefit of future generations.

In this context, H.E Dr. Layla Al Hyas, Executive Director of the Community Development Sector at DCD, said: “The elderly citizens and residents of our society are an essential category that deserves our utmost care and attention. We have made progress and achieved goals thanks to the efforts and contributions of our seniors. Moreover, we believe they play a key role in helping us on our journey towards comprehensive and sustainable development. The prosperity that we experience as members of society is based on values of cohesion and interconnectedness and it is therefore our duty to stand by the elderly, support them, and guarantee them a safe and stable life.”

She added: “The DCD is keen to raise the level of awareness among the elderly and their caregivers, and we consistently strive to empower them, fostering their ability to participate in the development and service of society, while drawing upon their expertise, professional skills, and scientific knowledge. An example of this is the Family Quality of Life Strategy that was launched recently, a comprehensive plan designed to empower families throughout Abu Dhabi. Notably, this strategy places a strong emphasis on the elderly, prioritising their well-being, quality of life, and mental health.

Al Hayas explained: “We in the department seek to strengthen the role of the government, and private and third-sector entities in the emirate by developing innovative solutions to the challenges faced by the elderly. We believe in the importance of building an inclusive, effective, and prosperous society, anchored in cohesive and stable families. This campaign is a testament to our affirmation and keenness to strengthen a pioneering social system, in which all its members enjoy a dignified and stable life, and in which the elderly feels comfortable, and happy and enjoy a quality of life that aligns with the highest standards. It is also important to enhance social awareness of all services and programmes provided to the elderly and their caregivers in Abu Dhabi by various agencies and sectors.”

Moreover, the campaign will shine a spotlight on the capabilities, contributions, and services offered by various sectors within the emirate. By raising awareness about the significance of these services and the means to leverage them, including social care centres, volunteer opportunities, digital integration courses, intergenerational activities, and a variety of social programs, we aspire to create a more informed and engaged community.

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