Abu Dhabi

In light of Global Day of Parents today, the Department of Community Development shared insight on the key elements that contribute to a healthy and well-established family, emphasising the important role parents play in this process.

The DCD pointed out that a resilient family is created by raising children with strong values and morals, and by being affectionate, understanding and engaging in continuous positive dialogue.

The department’s message was in line with celebrations for Global Day of Parents, which is held on June 1 every year, in order to appreciate the dedication of fathers and mothers to raising their children.

Her Excellency Dr. Layla Abdulaziz Al Hyas, Executive Director of the Community Development Sector at DCD, congratulated parents on the occasion and praised their efforts to support their children in a way that promotes social cohesion and unity.

She said: “The family is the first institution that children become part of, and it is a basic building block of any collaborative society. We at the DCD strongly believe in the importance of parents spending quality time with their children and opening channels of communication with them. Enhancing the closeness between parents and children allows their emotional and psychological needs to be met.”

Al-Hayyas referred to UNICEF's 2017 report titled ‘Early Moments Matter for Every Child,’ which highlighted the importance of shared parental responsibilities and its influence on a child’s development in the early stages. The World Health Organization's 2019 report titled 'Nurturing Care for Early Childhood Development' and the OECD's 2020 report titled 'Parenting Support For Early Child Development' shed light on how parents’ participation in childcare positively impacts the child's growth and personality development and helps prevent negative behaviours from arising.

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