The Department of Community Development (DCD), Abu Dhabi, concludes its third session of the Social Innovation Talks series, as part of Abu Dhabi Moments. Dr. Khaled Ghattas presented his talk titled ‘From Here We Begin: Contemporary Family and Values’, the third of the ‘SITalks’ series organised by the DCD, as a platform for social innovation, to discuss various relevant social challenges that affect Abu Dhabi residents and the solutions that would overcome them.

Organised at Khalifa Square, the panel session was attended by Her Excellency Salama Al-Ameemi, Director-General of Community Contributions Authority ‘Ma’an’, His Excellency Mohammed Helal Al Balooshi, H.E Mohamed Helal Al Balooshi, Executive Director of the Strategic Affairs Office, and the Acting Executive Director of the Community Engagement & Sports sector at the (DCD), and Her Excellency Eng. Sheikha Al Hosani, Acting Executive Director of the Monitoring and Social Innovation Sector, along with attendees of Abu Dhabi Moments events and representatives from various communities.

The session was led by “life-scientist” Dr. Khaled Ghattas. He explored the necessary values and practices needed to create cohesive families and enhance the overall mental and emotional health of a family according to international studies and research. Dr. Ghattas also gave advice based on his years of experience in the scientific field on various challenges that families face today.

Her Excellency Eng. Sheikha Al Hosani, Acting Executive Director of the Monitoring and Social Innovation Sector, said: “The talk offered a unique opportunity for the participants and attendees to look at modern family formation in a more scientific way. The talk’s topic aligns with one of the main objectives of DCD: to promote the development of cohesive families, the core of a healthy and tolerant society. The Social Innovation Talks aims to raise awareness on social innovation by highlighting social issues and sharing novel solutions.

She added that the wise leadership of the UAE is giving great importance to social challenges and addressing what families are facing today, seeing the family unit as the heart of a community and the centre of a strong and cohesive society.

During the session, Dr. Ghattas highlighted the position of the family in building a resilient society that can face life’s various challenges. He discussed how spending more quality time together can strengthen bonds between family members. Furthermore, he highlighted that the two pillars of a family: the husband and wife, need to be equipped to take appropriate action when facing difficulties. Concluding his lecture, Dr Ghattas advised his audience when creating a family, to build one based on togetherness, love and respect.

During the session’s conclusion, Dr. Ghattas engaged in a discussion with the attendees. He answered several questions and highlighted effective listening as a necessary skill to finding solutions to problems as a family, creating positive knock-on effects to the rest of society that progresses, prospers and utilises its full potential.

Through the ‘Social innovation Talk’, DCD, as the regulator of the social sector, aims to address social issues not easily solved through traditional means. The speaker series has had notable expert speakers on its platform to discuss a wide range of societal issues, as well as sustainable and effective solutions to contribute to increase the quality of life of individuals in Abu Dhabi.

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