Abu Dhabi

The Department of Community Development (DCD) is welcoming families and individuals to an International Day of Families event, organised in cooperation with the Family Development Foundation, the Department of Education and Knowledge, the Abu Dhabi Sports Council, Authority for Community Contributions- Ma'an, and the Family Care Authority.

The event will be held on Sunday, May 14, at the Al-Qana in Rabdan, Abu Dhabi, from 4 pm to 10pm. Members of society from various nationalities, cultures and ages can enjoy a range of exciting activities.

The International Day of Families is marked every year on May 15 to highlight the important role that families hold in communities around the world, and this year’s theme is “Families and Demographic Change”.

The DCD highlighted how the creation of International Day of Families by the UN General Assembly also reflected the significant impact that families have on the cohesion and survival of societies.

“The DCD places great importance on building families that center cohesion and harmony among its members, based on the knowledge that healthy and stable families are vital for the progress of the nation and its citizens.”

The Department, which regulates Abu Dhabi’s social and community development sector, emphasised that they are continuously working on launching policies and strategies and implementing sustainable initiatives for the benefit of all. This includes the launch of awareness campaigns that serve to support families, including children and senior citizens, and residents.

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