Abu Dhabi

The Department of Community Development (DCD) in Abu Dhabi, in cooperation with the Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum, organized a visit for clerics of different faiths to visit the museum. The visit aimed at informing them about the history of places of worship in the emirate, and the principles of human brotherhood and love that have flourished on its land since ancient times, which strengthened the reputation of Abu Dhabi at the regional and global levels, as an advocate of peace and social harmony.

The visit was part of the celebration of the International Day for Tolerance, and it was attended by His Excellency Mohammed Helal Al Balooshi, Acting Executive Director of the Community Engagement and Sports Sector at DCD, His Excellency Mubarak Salem Al Ameri, Acting Executive Director of Social Licensing & and Community Engagement Sector at DCD, and Mr. Manuel Rabaté, Director General of the Louvre Museum - Abu Dhabi, and a number of clerics from various places of worship in Abu Dhabi.

H.E. Mubarak Al Ameri welcomed the clerics, stressing that they are an integral part of the societal fabric that reflects the spiritual homogeneity among all spectrums of society in Abu Dhabi, and embodies the approach of our wise leadership in providing support to enhance cohesion in society, especially since the places of worship for non-Muslims reflect the efforts of the emirate to promote the principles of human brotherhood. Places of worship exist for decades in the country and are considered one of its civilized elements. He explained that Abu Dhabi includes nearly 20 places of worship, and that the Church of St. Joseph, the first Coptic religious place in the emirate was inaugurated by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan in 1965.

H.E. Al Ameri added: “We are keen to open a number of multi-religious worship rooms to give the communities the opportunity to perform their religious rituals in various recreational, cultural and tourist facilities, as we seek to create a cohesive society based on tolerance and respect for the other, to enhance the concept of human brotherhood and religious and cultural pluralism in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.”

For his part, Mr. Manuel Rabaté said that the Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi is a meeting place for different cultures and religions, and we value this cooperation with the department to shed light on the museum’s holdings and the outstanding archaeological and historical artworks. He stressed that community visits embody the values of tolerance, openness, and respect for the other, and reflect the UAE’s message as a beacon of human peace and coexistence between religions. Having a multi-religious worship room in the museum is an important step in providing all the meanings of spiritual communication with others and giving them the freedom to perform the religious duties of each religion.

After that, the visiting delegation toured the museum and its various sections and viewed the exhibition halls that include historical and archaeological artworks, appreciating the role played by the department in promoting the values of cohesion among members of society, and providing support to places of worship and their affiliated communities.

DCD plays a governing role in setting the legal framework regulating the establishment of houses of worship and multi-religious rooms in the emirate and granting licenses that are in line with standards and requirements.

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