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The Department of Community Development (DCD) has announced the launch of its Social Care Professionals Licensing Services in Abu Dhabi​ on the Abu Dhabi Government Services Ecosystem, TAMM, The service will allow social care service professionals to be licensed to work in Abu Dhabi in line with the highest international standards.​

As the custodian of Abu Dhabi's social sector agenda, DCD has launched this service as part of its vision of ensuring a dignified life for everyone in Abu Dhabi, through improved social care services. DCD will also propose necessary regulations for identifying those in need of social support, along with setting policies and standards for Social Care Professionals and Facilities, in coordination with the competent authorities.

The new licensing service will be free of charge for Social Care Professionals; and it will encompass five social care professions: Psychologist (Non-Clinical), Applied Behavioral Analyst (ABA), Psychotherapist, Social worker, and Counsellor.

H.E. Eng. Hamad Ali Al Dhaheri, Undersecretary of DCD, commented: "This service is a result of our efforts in regulating the social care sector, which plays a vital role in providing dignified life conditions and high-quality social care services for everyone in Abu Dhabi. The licensing standards have been approved based on a comprehensive study in collaboration with our stakeholders, including social care professionals and facilities, to ensure compliance with the current requirements."

Al Dhaheri stated: "It is of utmost importance to ensure social care licensing services that follow the highest standards and practices in the industry, both globally and locally.  Additionally, this service will provide the concerned authorities with the required social care expertise and competencies that reflect DCD's strict ethical standards"

Social care professionals can now register for license online via the website of the Abu Dhabi government services ecosystem, TAMM, a platform operated by the Abu Dhabi Digital Authority to provides customers with a comprehensive range of government services through one single point of access at any time and place. 

H.E. Mohamed Abdelhameed Al Askar, Director-General of Abu Dhabi Digital Authority hailed the collaboration with the Department of Community Development to provide the Social Care Professionals Licensing Services in Abu Dhabi through the Abu Dhabi government services ecosystem, ‘TAMM’. His Excellency said that this move reflects the efforts taken to provide all digital services related to the Social sector in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi through ‘TAMM,’ and the importance of collaboration between government entities to serve the community and promote happiness and well-being among its members.

H.E Dr. Bushra Al Mulla, Executive Director of the Community Development Sector at DCD, confirmed: "The licensing services aim to raise the quality of social care services provided in Abu Dhabi, and we are working in coordination with the competent authorities to ensure a dignified life for everyone who calls Abu Dhabi Home."

Al Mulla added: "This is the first step to ensure that All members of the society have a high-quality service, it is also enhancing the Social Care Professionals and Facilities with the regulations, laws, and legislation that DCD provides." H.E Dr. Bushra stressed: "Social care professionals seeking to obtain the license at the initial stage should have attained a certain level of education and experience. Applicants can register for the license online via the website of the Abu Dhabi government services ecosystem, TAMM, DCD will assess educational qualifications and experience before accepting applications individually within a period that may extend to three months of submission."

DCD opened registration through its system for Social Care Professionals and Facilities; to get a better understanding of the current state and thus construct a comprehensive view of the social care services provided in Abu Dhabi. This gave social care professionals and facilities the opportunity to support in developing licensing standards and requirements by providing the Department with accurate data that reflect the current situation in the Emirate.  It has also helped the Social Care Quality Department set the licensing requirements to ensure sustained social care services. 

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