Abu Dhabi

The Department of Community Development - Abu Dhabi, led important discussions on social innovation and youth impact and contribution at the fourth Social Innovation Talks (SITalks) event.

The virtual event titled ‘Empowering (You)th in Social Innovation’ brought together an audience of young minds and professionals from government and non-government sectors.

The SITalks series actively organized by the Department aims to stimulate dialogue on social innovation and learn about the latest ideas and visions in the field. It also aims to discuss developments in innovation in the social field as well as its role in creating innovative solutions to numerous social challenges and priorities.

SITalks featured innovation expert Grayson Bass, Member of the Board of Directors of the Global Innovation Institute (GIMI), advisor to several international government entities, and director of the (SWR) Innovation Lab in Waterloo, Canada.  Bass demonstrated the various ways young people have played and can continue to play a vital role in tackling community challenges and creating stronger communities.

H.E. Eng. Shaikha Alhosani, Executive Director of the Social Monitoring and Innovation Sector at DCD said: "The department continually organizes a series of social innovation dialogues, that highlight priority topics in society, to discuss unique opportunities that enhance the culture of social innovation, and to explore how they can participate in building stronger, resilient and cohesive societies.

“These dialogues shed light on the vital role that youth play in driving social innovation, and the pioneering capabilities they possess to make a positive impact on society. At DCD, we have always placed focus on empowering and enabling young people to be part of the growth and progress of our communities.

The event's focus on youth empowerment and social innovation resonated with participants through interactive discussions and engaging sessions, where attendees gained invaluable insights into how they can actively contribute to positive change and shape their communities for the better.

As part of DCD's ongoing commitment to youth engagement and empowerment, the fourth SITalks event is just one of the organisation’s many initiatives aimed at youth empowerment and contribution, equipping them to be productive and motivated members of the community.
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