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The Department of Community Development (DCD) announced the final results of “Life during Coronavirus Survey”. The survey was conducted to analyze the consequences of the virus spread to identify community’s life patterns and escalate them to decision-makers to ensure future anticipation and provision of better life quality. More than 50 thousand respondent citizens and residents in Abu Dhabi were surveyed. DCD launched the survey in early April and continued for two months of continuous analysis and clarified solutions to challenges associated with the pandemic.

Final results indicated that 52.3% and 47.7% of respondents were females and males, respectively. 95% of the participants confirmed their knowledge of the preventive measures related to the Corona virus, and in the Trust in the Government axis, it’s shows that approximately 90.5% of the respondents stated that officials took the matters seriously and effectively. According to 89% participants, believe that the government health institutions are fully equipped and able to deal with the pandemic, and 92% indicated that the government was quick to provide medical and non-medical staff to face the crisis, on the other hand, 94% confirmed their confidence in the ability of the authorities to deal with the current situation. 91% of the participants stated that the authorities have taken pre-emotive measures against Corona, while 89.5% confirmed that they rely on news from official sources in regards to this pandemic.

The results showed in the family bonding axis, that 87% of the participants have changed their lifestyle due to the pandemic, where they indicated that one of the most prominent changes is to avoid public places, while 80% consider that the crisis contributed to strengthening their family bonds and that they are spending more time with their children, and 99% of respondents reported that they are encouraging their family members and acquaintances to take the necessary measures to protect themselves from the virus.

In the socials bonds axis, 99% of the participants confirmed that they believe in the necessity of cooperating with the government and all members of society to successfully face this crisis, 99% reported that facing the crisis is everyone's responsibility, while 41% expressed their desire to volunteer in distributing medical needs and helping the elderly.

Dr. Mona Al Bahar, Advisor to the Chairman of the Department of Community Development said: "Participation in the first “Life during Coronavirus Survey” showed positiveness and effectiveness, where we analyzed inputs and studied the effects of the pandemic on family and society through a set of research and scientific tools and raised appropriate solutions with all partners from the competent authorities in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Participation outputs led to obtain results aligned with the circumstances of the past period, and accordingly there was an actual impact on various stages through temporary initiatives and solutions for each separate period".

Al Bahar added: "Our extended experience in analyzing community inputs is consistent with our key vision in providing a decent life for all Abu Dhabi community members. Today, we can analyze impact of changes, circumstances, and emergency crises and their consequences on daily life through an ideal environment attracting all community segments".

Advisor to DCD Chairman assured: “DCD continues its extensive efforts after completing “Life during Coronavirus Survey”, as we recently announced the second survey related to life after Coronavirus. In this survey, we will address with community and media the figures and developments in the future. We are confident that the coming is better and more beautiful, as factors and indicators reflect that we have a stable situation compared to the various countries of the world.”

The survey contributed to development of plans and strategies appropriate the current situation as initiatives of the social sector exceeded 60 initiatives provided by 10 government entities, namely: Abu Dhabi Housing Authority, Abu Dhabi Social Support Authority, Authority of Social Contribution – Ma’an, Abu Dhabi Sports Council, Zayed Higher Organization For People of Determination, Family Development Foundation, Social Care and Minors Affairs Foundation, Zayed House for Islamic Culture, Zayed House for Family Care, and Abu Dhabi Early Childhood Authority.

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