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The current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic poses a tremendous challenge to Abu Dhabi’s communities, citizens, and residents. The Department of Community Development in Abu Dhabi announced the primary results of the “Life during Coronavirus survey” that has been conducted in lieu with the current situation. The survey aimed to analyze the consequences of the spread of the virus that could affect Abu Dhabi as a whole, aiming as well to strengthen the community bonds, preserving values of tolerance and cohesion and to identify the community’s life patterns during this time. Results are escalated to the concerned parties and decision makers to ensure a sustainable quality of life and a better future. More than 32 thousand participants took part in this survey in Abu Dhabi so far

The department announced the launch of the questionnaire in early April, where it showed in the initial results that 90% of the participants confirmed their knowledge of the preventive measures related to the Corona virus, and in the Trust in the Government axis, it’s shows that approximately 90% of the respondents stated that officials took the matters seriously and effectively. According to 88% participants, believe that the government health institutions are fully equipped and able to deal with the pandemic, and 90% indicated that the government was quick to provide medical and non-medical staff to face the crisis, on the other hand, 93% confirmed their confidence in the ability of the authorities to deal with the current situation. 90% of the participants stated that the authorities have taken pre-emotive measures against Corona, while 89% confirmed that they rely on news from official sources in regards to this pandemic.

 The results showed in the family bonding axis, that 99% of the participants have changed their lifestyle due to the pandemic, where they indicated that one of the most prominent changes is to avoid public places, while 85% consider that the crisis contributed to strengthening their family bonds and that they are spending more time with their children, and 96% of respondents reported that they are encouraging their family members and acquaintances to take the necessary measures to protect themselves from the virus.

In the socials bonds axis, 96.7% of the participants confirmed that they believe in the necessity of cooperating with the government and all members of society to successfully face this crisis, 97% reported that facing the crisis is everyone's responsibility, while 70% expressed their desire to volunteer in distributing medical needs and helping the elderly.

His Excellency Dr. Mugheer Khamis Al Khaili, Chairman of the Department of Community Development, explained that the life during Coronavirus pandemic survey, aims to anticipate the future of the social sector through a set of scientific research tools, which enables us to find appropriate solutions with the Government and private sector partners, as well as societal institutes. We are always working on studying lifestyles, and how it can be affected by changes, conditions and emergency crises, thataffect daily life, which contributes to providing the department with the necessary information.

Added His Excellency that the wise leadership of the UAE are working to provide adignified life for all the sectors of the community, and they encourage the community to stand in solidarity to face this challenge because they are an essential part in ending and limiting the spread of this pandemic. Also, we need to enhance the social responsibility and the principles of solidarity and to stand as one to preserve the values of cohesion. We are very keen to communicate with all sectors of the community at these times to ensure their safety, we believe that every sector of this community play an important role that has been recognized by the Emirate.

His Excellencyensured that this questionnaire is an important means to help identify the impact of the spread of the Coronavirus and the measures that have been taken to prevent and reduce the risk of infection, and to learn how the community helps each other, as the questionnaire highlights a set of major axes that contribute to drafting strategies and overcoming future challenges, through analyzing the level of awareness and knowledge of the virus, and analyzing the basic measures of protection and prevention through a variety of questions aimed at individuals' awareness of the correct procedures in this situation.

He explained that thequestionnaire also focuses on the aspect of lifestyle at home and family communication between family members, the axis of remote work, and the analysis of feelings in terms of fear, sadness, stress or discomfort, or psychological exhaustion during the period of staying at home, along with an analysis of access to sources of information and the instructions issued by the concerned health and security authorities, to study the extent of the commitment of individuals to staying at home during this period.

The social sector launched a number of initiatives specifically designed to help face and overcome these challenges, including initiatives that supportsenior citizens and residents to ensure their commitment to taking preventive measures and provide them with the needed care and protection. “Your Food To Your Door” is one of the most important initiatives launched by the Family Development Foundation in cooperation with a number of partners. In addition,sports initiatives have been launched as well to encourage the community members to exercise from home to stay active and healthy during these times, which isorganized by the Abu Dhabi Sports Council. As well asinitiatives created to face the challenges in the current situation, prominently "Together We Are Good" initiative that have been launched by the Authority of Social Contribution to open the door for financial and in-kind contributions, also volunteering opportunities for individuals and companies to participate by contributing to medical supplies, food and educational tools.

The Department of Community Development confirms the confidentiality of all the information that is provided by you in this survey, and stresses the importance of participation in a manner that helps the Department and other governmental bodies and authorities to take the necessary measures to enhance the safety and well-being of community members during this time.

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