Abu Dhabi

The Department of Community Development in Abu Dhabi (DCD) have announced the re-opening of all places of worship for non-Muslims by 100% starting from today Monday, while continuing to practice precautionary measures with a maximum of 30% of worshipers at a time.

The decision to reopen all places of worship comes in conjunction with the steps taken by the specialized government authorities in regards to the gradual return to normal life, while taking all the health and safety precautionary measures to ensure the safety of the worshipers and workers by providing them with the necessary instructions to limit the spread of the virus.

In this regard, H.E. Sultan Al Mutawa Al Dhaheri, Executive Director of Community Engagement and Sport sector in  Department of Community Development, said: “In response to the places of worship requests and in respect to their religion, it was also decided to allow children to enter the place of worship to practice their religious rituals in a manner that does not conflict with the procedures and laws, the elder worshipers who do not suffer from any chronic diseases were also allowed to enter according to the procedures that has been set."

Al Dhaheri added: “A manual have been provided to all places of worship for the gradual return to places of worship, which includes an explanatory guide to the procedures that must be followed towards the worshipers and workers, in terms of conducting an organized entry and exit for the worshipers according to the permitted capacity, and other precautionary measures that ensure their safety. He stated that all activities and events offered by the places of worship will continue to be suspended, in exception to main prayers, while encouraging the use of alternative plans such as the use of digital platforms, working remotely for periodic meetings, religious lectures and educational activities, while reducing the prayer time to a maximum of one hour in order to decrease the chance of forming a crowd for long hours, maintain a two meters distance between the worshipers, taking the size of the hall into consideration to ensure the limitation of spreading the virus between them.

The Department appreciated the cooperation of the places of worship during this pandemic, stressing that this integrative process and constant coordination is an evidence of the sense of responsibility towards the nation, by following the precautionary measures that must be applied in a manner that ensures the safety of Abu Dhabi’s community.

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