Abu Dhabi

On the International Women’s Day 2022 that is held under the theme “Breaking the Bias”, Her Excellency Dr. Layla Abdulaziz Al Hyas, Executive Director of the Social Monitoring and Innovation Sector at the Department of Community Development (DCD) in Abu Dhabi, said in a speech: “Women celebrates this year’s theme to prove their ability to face obstacles and challenges and work to promote thoughts and values about a world free from bias, stereotypes and discrimination. A diverse, equitable and inclusive world. On this day, we celebrate women who faced numerous challenges, we celebrate those who sought to have a bright future by giving to their families, children and communities. We should not forget to celebrate men who supported women in the path of success and excellence.”

H.E. Al Hyas added: “Today, women hold a prominent position in society, and occupy various scientific and functional roles. They are referred to as a symbol of excellence, ability and responsibility for creativity and innovation at work. They have combined their family responsibilities and work, setting the most wonderful examples in transforming challenges into opportunities, and have become role models in overcoming all obstacles and facing problems arising from any emergency circumstances.”

Al Hyas explained that women all over the world in general, and in the UAE in particular, have achieved successes in various fields without giving up their heritage, identity and continuous commitment to be an active partner in giving, expressing her pride in Emirati women who were and still are role models to be followed all over the world, especially that they have worked in political fields, where we see them in the National Council, as ministers and ambassadors, and in several economic and social fields.

Dr. Layla emphasized that the UAE celebrates women every day by motivating them to innovate at work and in everything that contributes to promoting sustainable development and creating positive opportunities for others to give, work and be dedicated to raise the UAE’s global position.

H.E. Al Hyas praised the role of our wise leadership in empowering and strengthening women to boost their dignity in the UAE society, and even make them shining stars for the country. The support to Emirati women did not come recently, but rather since the establishment of the country, where the late founder, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, considered women among the main pillars of the UAE, and the best successor to the best predecessor came to complete his path, vision and sound approach in caring for women, to play their effective role in the path of growth, prosperity and evolution.

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