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The Department of Community Development – Abu Dhabi (DCD) has launched its 'Medeem' initiative. Created to encourage young Emiratis to adopt authentic Emirati values, plan simpler more affordable weddings, and plan wisely for their married life, the initiative supports the intentions of the Abu Dhabi Family Wellbeing Strategy.

Specifically designed for citizens of Abu Dhabi, Medeem provides guidance and support to ensure that every marriage is built on solid foundations. In so doing, it hopes to facilitate happy and healthy families that contribute to a strong and stable society.

Spanning a wide variety of qualitative projects aimed at young people, those about to marry, families, parents, and businesses and professionals in the wedding industry, Medeem is one of the key initiatives that supports the aims of the Abu Dhabi Strategy for Quality of Family Life.

The initiative is focused on encouraging wise and thoughtful decisions throughout a couple’s journey, including both before and after marriage. Beginning with the encouragement to return to traditional wedding customs, it inspires young people to plan weddings that embody moderation and simplicity.

Medeem consists of four main pillars: the Medeem Center for Family Flourishing, the Medeem Model for Women’s Weddings, the Medeem Benefits Program, and the Medeem Digital Platform.

the Medeem Center for Family Flourishing. Providing a further way for Medeem to achieve its goals, it will provide an array of services and programs for those who are about to marry and emerging families who are progressing through their journey together. Set to launch during the second quarter of this year, its innovative family guidance, family mediation, and other counseling services will all be delivered by specialized and qualified staff in the fields of marital relations and family and psychological counseling.

As part of the services provided by the Center, couples can also take advantage of the Medeem Benefits Program, a unique package of special and exclusive offers. Provided by more than 25 partners in the government and private sectors, Medeem couples are invited to redeem exciting savings on hotels, wedding services, real estate, furniture, jewelry, travel, tourism and much more.

The Medeem Model for Women’s Weddings. Inspired by the local Emirati community and created to guide the wedding industry and partners from the public and private sectors, the reimagined model for female weddings allows several families to come together and collectively share in the joy of the wedding experience over several days.

The Model allows multiple wedding parties to use the same hall and equipment, while also inviting each couple to personalize the venue with simple décor selections that suit their individual tastes, creating a unique experience. This allows the total expenses to be shared equally between all couples, reducing the financial strain placed on citizens, and encouraging the formation of lasting and blessed marriages. The model reinforces the Emirati values of community, sustainability and mutual support, the very ideals that are central to our cultural heritage and ethos.

Meanwhile, the Medeem Digital Platform presents a wide choice of services and educational materials for couples who are about to get married, and are looking to securely establish their joint marital life. The platform also helps newlyweds comprehensively plan how to form cohesive families, and raise good children who contribute to building and developing society.

Her Excellency Dr. Layla Al Hyas, Executive Director of the Community Development Sector at DCD, stressed that the Medeem initiative supports Abu Dhabi’s sustainable social development goals. It aims to create stable families and strong communities, and it encourages society to move away from the current trend for exaggerated and extravagant weddings. She said that the cost of marriage has become burdensome for families and young people in recent years, and that this is impacting the stability and cohesion of Emirati society.

Her Excellency said that the Medeem initiative preserves the traditions associated with authentic Emirati weddings, and demonstrates pride in the heritage of the UAE. Medeem celebrates the true essence of marriage. It demonstrates how to show great hospitality without extravagance, and without wasting our precious resources. She noted that Medeem includes many different projects, including the Medeem Center for Family Flourishing, an initiative that will play a major part in the future of our youth.

Medeem offers an integrated service that promotes the role of young people in society, and encourages them to form families and contribute to the overall strength and wellbeing of the nation.

She added that DCD, along with Medeem’s partner organizations, urges people who are about to get married to think in ways that are moderate, humble and wise. For instance, studies show that 1 in 3 couples exceed their initial wedding budget.

Medeem is a concept that reflects the authenticity of UAE society

An initiative by the Abu Dhabi government, Medeem encourages moderation and the following of traditional Emirati values in all areas related to marriage, including marriage arrangements, weddings, preparing the marital home and all other matters related to the all-important journey.

The name Medeem was inspired by the traditional Emirati congratulatory phrase that expresses blessings and wishes for continuous happiness and contentment. 

The Medeem initiative reflects the wise values and vision of the UAE’s founding father, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. Couples are encouraged to return to humble and authentic wedding practices, newlyweds are provided with advice on how to build foundations for their marriage, and parents are empowered with knowledge and guidance on how to manage finances, practice good parenting, and maintain continuous married harmony throughout their lifetime.

The Medeem initiative was inspired by the wise words of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan who once said, "Since the dawn of our national endeavors, we have persistently strived to shape an environment that supports family stability and underscores the indispensable role of families in our societal fabric and national identity."

For more information about the Medeem initiative, please follow the initiative's social media channels at @medeem_ae, or visit the website www.medeem.gov.ae.


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