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The Department of Community Development (DCD) of Abu Dhabi will showcase six innovative projects during its participation at the GITEX Global 2022, the largest technology expo in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia, which will be held from October 10 to 14, 2022, at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

The six projects reflect the Department’s commitment to innovate digital tools to facilitate studying and developing services offered by various entities in the Abu Dhabi community, and further enhance the quality of services by leveraging advanced technologies to ensure a better lifestyle of community members.

The Department’s pavilion will showcase projects such as the ‘Virtual Life Coach’, a Metaverse-powered technology that comprises an application allowing users to experience a virtual lifestyle through counselling sessions that will create awareness among people and offer them tools to address various challenges in life. The platform also includes a virtual space for communication and partnerships.

Additionally, the Department will showcase its ‘Virtual Reality (VR) initiative for senior citizens’ that aims to study opportunities presented by VR in enhancing the luxury and quality of life for the elderly, along with improving family relations and social integration. With this initiative, the elderly can visit places easily using VR and share their experiences with the family members of different generations.

Furthermore, the ‘Decent Life’ platform will be showcased, which highlights the main pillars for a quality life in Abu Dhabi and offers users the necessary tools for analysing data and comparing it with other countries  This platform facilitates the identification of prevalent social challenges in the Emirate and offer solutions to ensure a better life for all community members.

The Department will also exhibit the ‘Social Atlas’ project, which is a platform showcasing distribution of social topics and phenomena in the Emirate. It enables monitoring of social phenomena and indicating the areas its focuses in, facilitating the design of programs and initiatives to meet the requirements of the community.

To establish an effective digital interactive communication channel between the community and the Department, DCD will also showcase the innovative ‘Wyakom’ platform that serves as a digital social space to enhance community engagement by allowing the community to put forward their suggestions to the policy makers of the Emirate.

The sixth project being showcased by the Department is the ‘Tegahwa’ platform, which provides online marriage counselling by specialists who are authorised by the Department. Launched in 2021, the platform has a significant impact in raising awareness on strong marital relationships.

Other social entities working in the social sector in Abu Dhabi will present 13 projects such as digital platform for raising adolescents and the digital social empowerment card by Family Development Foundation; ‘Hemam Farms’ project, ‘the Visual Challenges Sites’, and ‘Mabrouk Ma Dabart’ by the Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination. contributions raising platform, the Ma’an skill development platform, the Ma’an Incubator, the Ma’an counselling platform, and the Ma’an social certificate by Authority of Social Contribution Ma’an; smart counselor project and My Instant Expanses using social intellect by Social Care & Minors Affairs Foundation and the Active Hub program by Abu Dhabi Sports Council.

According to the Department of Community Development, its participation at the GITEX Global 2022 is of utmost significance as it serves as a platform to showcasing various projects to visitors from across the globe. GITEX Global has been providing an exceptional space to present the latest innovative projects, initiatives, and applications that aim to understand the needs of the community, while identifying and addressing societal challenges to improve the quality of the Department’s services. This comes in line with the DCD’s commitment to support digitalisation in Abu Dhabi. Furthermore, to ensure a quality lifestyle within the community, the DCD is dedicated to providing smart digital platforms and tools.

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