Abu Dhabi

The Department of Community Development in Abu Dhabi (DCD) has issued a new decision setting September 2, 2021 as the deadline for social care professionals in the emirate to legalize their working status by obtaining a ‘Social Care Professionals’ license.

The new decision extends the grace period to one year since the start of the issuance of the license in September 2020, giving practitioners with no license in Abu Dhabi more time to comply with the requirement and settle their work status. The Department emphasized that the license applications should be submitted before March 2, 2021 to ensure the completion of all licensing procedures and evaluations within the set period.

The DCD further noted that social care professionals should obtain the license to legally work in Abu Dhabi. They could face administrative penalties for non-compliance after the grace period expires as per the Department’s laws and regulations.

Under the terms of the decision, all applicants must submit the required education documents and work experience certificates, as well as pass the specific evaluation criteria for their licensing applications to be approved. This is according to the Regulations and Procedures Manual and the ‘Social Care Professional’ licensing standards published on the DCD’s official website. The entire procedure may take three months or more to complete depending on the applicant’s ability to fulfil the requirements and conditions.

By setting this deadline, the DCD is encouraging field practitioners to submit their applications for a ‘Social Care Professionals’ license, which covers five social care professions, namely psychologists (non-clinical), applied behaviour analysts (ABAs), psychotherapists, social workers and counsellors.

DCD explained that the newly issued decision aims to enhance the activities of the social care sector, thereby providing the Abu Dhabi community with licensed services that meet the highest global quality standards. These efforts are part of the DCD’s commitment to provide the sector with the necessary facilities and put clear policies and standards in place to enhance its efficiency and growth.

The latest decision is also in line with the DCD’s plan to support social work; reinforce the role of social organizations in promoting social development; and enhance the quality of life in Abu Dhabi. Through an integrated and reliable local social care system, the Department ensures that all segments of society have access to social services that meet their needs and can provide them with a decent life.

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