Abu Dhabi

The Department of Community Development, the regulatory body governing the social sector in Abu Dhabi, launched the first round of the Family and Social Cohesion Survey in cooperation with the Statistics Center in Abu Dhabi. The Survey measures the level of family and community cohesion in the society of Abu Dhabi.

The survey is a comprehensive descriptive study that covers the main sectors of the population of Abu Dhabi for citizens and residents. The questionnaire aims to evaluate, study, and analyze the relationship between family members, and their commitment to the noble values they have inherited. It also measures national identity indicators and their impact on achieving community cohesion.

The questionnaire includes a set of comprehensive questions that addresses several topics, including family cohesion, family relations, community participation, community trust, and social networks.

Commenting on this, H.E. Eng. Shaikha Alhosani, Executive Director of the Social Monitoring and Innovation Sector at the Department of Community Development, said: “Understanding society in a comprehensive manner is a major responsibility that the department takes upon itself. Since families are the foundation of society and the main source of its cohesion and structure, we are eager to adopt methodologies that help gather and monitor data to better understand societal values and behavioral patterns among family members. This will enable its members to live happy and fulfilling lives.

In this context, the Family and Social Cohesion Survey comes in cooperation with our partners at the Statistics Center - Abu Dhabi. The survey is an expanded and comprehensive study to understand social values, the level of family and social cohesion, and the extent to which community members adhere to the value and cultural heritage. These factors are vital in the constitution of our national identity and reflect our social cohesion and strength of our societal fabric.”

She added: “Adopting accurate statistical data contributes to providing clear and correct information about society and contributes to finding successful and appropriate solutions to social challenges. It also helps enhance family and community cohesion by being aware of current social trends and encouraging families and individuals to adopt noble values that reflect our cultural heritage and national identity that we are proud of.”

The survey participation can be made through the link: https://q-addcd.ink/FamilyAndSociatySurvey

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