Abu Dhabi

The Department of Community Development (DCD), Abu Dhabi, contributed to developing the Domestic Worker’s Guide, which was launched by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE). The DCD assisted by developing a chapter on mental health for the guide, which provided information on mental health and the variables impacting ​and enhancing domestic workers quality of life.

In addition to the rights, benefits, and obligations of domestic workers, the guide also emphasises the significance of implementing practices that enhance mental wellness of all community members, including domestic workers, further ensuring a positive impact on both physical and mental health.

Her Excellency Dr. Layla Alhyas, Executive Director of the Community Development Sector, DCD, said: “The DCD will continuously collaborate with its strategic partners to improve the ecosystem of the social sector and implement programmes and services that are specifically designed to meet the needs of community members and provide them the necessary support to effectively handle mental stress. The ongoing initiatives by DCD's and efforts to support mental health are consistent with the Department's responsibility to deliver high-quality services to all community segments in order to ensure the social welfare of the Abu Dhabi community.”

Alhyas stated that DCD is committed to fostering effective community engagement in development and assuring the community's sustainable growth through the adoption of long-term strategic plans and the promotion of positive change in an effort to overcome all challenges.

His Excellency Abdullah Al Nuaimi, Assistant Undersecretary for Domestic Workers’ Sector, MoHRE, lauded the efforts and dedication of DCD in contributing to the Guide’s success, and further highlighted the significance of collaboration between entities involved in the social sector to foster a better business environment in the UAE, and enhancing the life quality of domestic workers, as they are also an important part of the community.

H.E. added: “The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation places a high priority on improving collaboration with stakeholders, including the federal government, local governments, and private organisations, in accordance with the pertinent resolutions and policies, as we believe it is crucial to integrate partners' roles according to their mandates, in line with our wise leadership's directives, and as part of our efforts to meet the aspirations of citizens and business owners in the UAE.”

The Domestic Workers' Guide discusses a variety of topics in this category, such as workload, adjusting to a new location and culture, and spending enough time with friends. The Guide also emphasises a number of key subjects in this regard, including financial management, working hours, and the significance of enough rest for enhancing both physical and mental health. Furthermore, the Guide offers guidance on how to properly address all relevant issues and offers strategies for controlling life stress through self-care, such as adopting a healthy diet, working out when you have free time, scheduling downtime, practising deep breathing, turning to spirituality, and engaging in activities with family, among others, that can enhance the quality of life.

The domestic workers' law places a high priority on optimising domestic workers' safety and security throughout their stay in the UAE by ensuring protection of their rights. The guide created by the MoHRE clarifies the rights of domestic workers', their privileges, and responsibilities and raises their awareness of community traditions in the UAE, further enhancing the quality of their life.

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