Abu Dhabi

H.E Dr. Laila Abdel Aziz Al-Hayas, Executive Director of the Social Development Sector at the Department of Community Development (DCD) in Abu Dhabi, took the initiative to celebrate Gulf Family Day to highlight the significant role family plays in fostering balance and stability in the community.

Her Excellency underlined the vital role DCD plays in empowering families by implementing an integrated system that caters to their needs. As part of this mission, DCD has collaborated with several partners from different sectors to implement numerous initiatives and projects, along with drawing out integrated strategies for families.

Al-Hayas added: “The stability of a family creates and solidifies the robust foundation for the community within which it resides. Recognising the crucial role families play in nurturing developments in the community, we are celebrating a day for the Gulf families, to commend their contributions and significance to the community. At DCD, we are committed to fostering cooperation and communication with relevant local entities concerning family affairs. Furthermore, we look forward to collaborating with societal development sectors, as we understand that joint efforts are the key to combating societal challenges. This also comes in line with our efforts to consolidate family and societal stability in the UAE, as well as the GCC countries.” 

Additionally, DCD further strives to boost its efforts in empowering families by developing integrated strategies that enhance the quality of life for families through a set of initiatives, programs, and policies, that will be implemented in collaboration with its partners.

The idea of celebrating ‘Gulf Family Day’ came as a result of the meeting held between the General Secretariat of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs in Sharjah and the Saudi Family Affairs Council in 2021. Through the meeting, various collaboration methods were adopted for implementing several programs, services, and events to achieve the sustainable development of families.

The Ministries of Social Affairs in the GCC Executive Bureau has recognised September 14 of every year as Gulf Family Day. This year, Gulf Family Day will be celebrated under the theme ‘A connected family for a sustainable future’, highlighting the vital role that the family plays in contributing to the development of a community. The day further fosters the sustainable development of families and highlights the significance of a domestic environment that ensures optimal upbringing of individuals upholding societal values and principles.  

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