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The Department of Community Development - Abu Dhabi, the regulatory body for the social sector in the Emirate, signed a memorandum of understanding with Fazaa, an initiative that is part of the Social Solidarity Fund for employees of the Ministry of Interior and UAE’s government sector. This collaboration will provide customised services and value-added benefits to youth who are about to get married and are members of the Medeem Centre for Family Flourishing within DCD’s Medeem initiative.

The memorandum of understanding was signed by His Excellency Lt. Colonel Ahmed Bouharoun Al Shamsi, Director General of the Ministry of Interior’s Social Security Fund, Member of the Board of Directors, and Executive Director of Fazaa; and H.E. Mazen Jaber Aldahmani, Executive Director of Financial and Administrative Affairs at DCD.

The memorandum, aims to introduce the Medeem Exclusive Card for Offers, Incentives and Benefits from Fazaa. This card, featuring a range of exceptional offers, will be available to Abu Dhabi citizens registered in the programme who are nearing marriage and will be provided by the Medeem Center for Family Flourishing, set to launch soon.

The Medeem card’s gold membership includes benefits and offers for wedding expenses, such as the hall and kosha (wedding stage), music bands, photography, lighting, sound, wall and table decorations, flowers, the bride’s dress, etc. These benefits include Fazaa stores, used cars, Fazaa Health, and Fazaa Darek, in addition to the more than 24,000 specific benefits provided by Fazaa membership.

His Excellency Lt. Colonel Ahmed Bouharoun Al Shamsi affirmed that the memorandum of understanding aligns with the Social Solidarity Fund's strategy to uplift the youth and all segments of society, aiming to enhance the quality of life and serve an even broader scope of beneficiaries under Fazaa, diversifying the assistance provided. It also endeavours to collaborate with all partners to foster social cohesion and reinforce the bonds of solidarity within the UAE community.

He explained: “The Medeem card will provide a range of exclusive benefits and offers to citizens registered in the programme, particularly those who are going to get married and are members of the Medeem Center for Family Flourishing. This initiative underscores our dedication to preparing young citizens for marriage and aiding them in establishing strong, unified families. Such support is pivotal in advancing towards a comprehensive and sustainable societal development."

He also stressed the Fazaa initiative’s keenness to continue to provide community programmes that enhance the role of the Social Solidarity Fund. This comes as part of its efforts to achieve its goals of providing superior, symbiotic services to Fazaa membership holders and their families, enabling community members to achieve a high quality of life and happiness.

It is worth noting that the Social Solidarity Fund (Fazaa) offers a unique package of exclusive services directed to members of the Fazaa programme with the aim of diversifying and expanding the areas of solidarity among them and uplifting them.

On this occasion, His Excellency H.E. Mazen Jaber Aldahmani, commented on the agreement: “The memorandum of understanding with the Social Solidarity Fund for employees of the Ministry of Interior comes from the Department of Community Development’s keenness to consolidate cooperation with partners from various sectors. This initiative aims to support young citizens in their journey towards forming a family, by enhancing their readiness for marriage, out of belief in their role in continuing the comprehensive and sustainable progress witnessed by Abu Dhabi in various fields.”

Al-Dahmani added: “The Department of Community Development continues its efforts to achieve the aspirations of the wise leadership by providing a decent life for citizens, as the Medeem initiative launched by the DCD includes a number of programmes to encourage and prepare young citizens from Abu Dhabi for marriage and begin the journey of establishing stable and happy families.”

His Excellency appreciated the efforts made by the Social Solidarity Fund (Fazaa) to provide valuable and exclusive benefits to its members. The signing comes with the launch of the Medeem Exclusive Card for Advantages and Benefits, which includes distinctive and high-quality options. This will be granted by the Medeem Family Preparation Center to members of the programme who are about to get married.

The conditions for enrolling in the Medeem Family Preparation Center programme for those approaching marriage will be announced soon, in addition to the conditions for entitlement to the Medeem card upon the launch of the Medeem Center For Family Flourishing.

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