Abu Dhabi

The Department of Community Development (DCD) organised a joint campaign with the Abu Dhabi Civil Defense Authority to inspect several non-Muslim places of worship in the emirate. The inspection aimed to ensure the provision of fire-related security and safety measures, and the extent of readiness to prevent accidents and respond to them.

DCD emphasised the importance of cooperation in developing and implementing a plan for conducting scheduled audits and inspections that verify the compliance of places of worship with the department’s regulations and policies.

The Abu Dhabi Civil Defense Authority plays a key role in helping conduct all daily activities and operations through continuous follow-up, ensuring the effective implementation of the best strategies and practices that guarantee sustainable development across all inspection processes, and to enforce the application of fire-related safety and security measures with the goal of preventing any civil damage or possible risks and protecting worshipers from accidents or dangers.

DCD expressed its keenness to coordinate with relevant authorities in the emirate, including the Abu Dhabi Civil Defense Authority, in order to efficiently implement procedures that reflect the vision of the leadership and embody the nation's mission to protect people and places. They also work to shield people from dangers by promoting a culture of preventive awareness through qualified professionals, advanced equipment, and fruitful partnerships.

The Department of Community Development is responsible for the regulation of places of worship for non-Muslims in the emirate, and constantly seeks to improve the quality of services provided to everyone. Additionally, DCD plays a vital strategic role in ensuring best practices and adherence to laws in Abu Dhabi.

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