Our Story

Our Story

The Department of Community Development is committed to the social welfare of everyone who calls Abu Dhabi home. The Department’s foundations are based on the vision of our nation’s Founding Father, His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, who recognised that social welfare and community development are important enablers of prosperity and growth. We are guided by the values of respect, credibility, empathy, responsibility, passion for giving and kindness and our aspiration is to ensure a dignified life for all.
our story

We believe in a society that is active, responsible and inclusive. Crucial to this is our community’s aptitude for embracing positive and meaningful change while eliminating social stigmas and limitations. We want to build awareness and knowledge of social issues that relate to Abu Dhabi and its people.

Our role is to regulate, empower and monitor the social and community development sector in Abu Dhabi and its enabling entities to provide our people with quality, effective and accessible care and services.

Based on the belief that social development is a shared responsibility between the government and all its constituents, we work with the government, private and third sectors to enable the effective participation of citizens in the job market, ensuring that everyone is able to contribute to the Emirate’s shared wealth.

This means enabling people to thrive and achieve their full potential, fairly, so that no one is left behind. This will in turn will help us build a nation that is socially and economically sustainable.

The Department of Community Development is the main regulator and enabler of Abu Dhabi’s social sector.

We aim to introduce and implement policies that ensure quality service delivery, fair allocation of support and attention to vulnerable groups across all sectors.

We take an evidenced-based approach, informed by data and insights gained directly from the community across its segments. Our goal is to create an ecosystem that encourages volunteering and builds a vibrant, engaged community.

In collaboration with our nine entities, we look after every individual living in Abu Dhabi. Carefully designed programmes and initiatives which reflect the diverse cultural needs of our society ensure that appropriate support and care is provided to individuals throughout their lifespan.

Together, we will encourage, motivate and involve all segments of Abu Dhabi society to take part in building a better future and unlock the full potential of our nation.