Community Development Sector

Community Development Sector

The Community Development Sector is responsible for supporting and empowering the role of families and the wider community to achieve Abu Dhabi’s social development objectives, in cooperation with all other concerned parties.

Mission and Action


To develop strategies and social policies that support and enable the participation of families and vulnerable communities, including people of determination, in community development. Also, to guarantee dignified lives and high-quality social care services for all community members.


The Community Development Sector organises strategies and policies concerning the family and the community in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. These strategies and policies include social security and insurance, social care policies, as well as the licencing of social care service providers and social sector professionals, to guarantee high quality social care services.

Sub Sector

Family and Communities Division

  • Family Section
  • PoDs Section
  • Vulnerable Groups Section

Social Care Quality Division

Licensing Section
Inspection Section

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Social Security Division

Social Assistance Section
Social Insurance Section

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