Department of Community Development Mandate

Department of Community Development Mandate

Community development is a shared responsibility within a society, and the Department of Community Development plays a central role in facilitating, organising and coordinating the contributions of individuals, governmental entities, NGOs and private corporations.

Guided by its vision to enrich the community of Abu Dhabi and the UAE and to provide a dignified life for all, the Department’s is responsible for policy-making and for developing, organising and reinforcing social programmes. It also coordinates with the concerned parties to monitor, track and address social trends in the emirate.

The Department’s organisational role includes creating the legal framework for establishing places of worship, community associations, clubs and sports establishments, along with setting the standards for licensing, inspection and auditing of these entities. The Department also recommends action that needs to be taken to support various categories of people in need to the Executive Council.

In addition to its organisational role, Department of Community Development works to support and stimulate investments and innovations in the social sector, by developing policies and spreading awareness about social involvement and contribution.

The Department’s mandate also extends to developing the policies needed to increase participation in sports activities, support local athletes and promote their talents locally and internationally.

The Department of Community Development works alongside the Executive Council to support the most vulnerable groups in the Emirate, by creating the necessary frameworks and mechanisms to ensure they are provided with the right kind of support. Furthermore, the Department helps develop the policies and standards for foster children in the region and sets the terms and conditions all involved parties.

The Department’s mandates also include any other specialities and missions assigned by the executive council to be a part of its mandate.